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Collection: GLAZE DESIGN

Take your gel manicure to the next level with on-trend designed semi-cured gel nail strips. Find your design, cure it for 45 seconds, and walk away with ultra glossy pro-finish nails. No salon needed!

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An extensive selection of intricate, on-trend nail art designs in semi-cured gel manicure form for those who like to switch things up. Our proprietary DOME EFFECT™ creates an arch that is thinner at the cuticle edge and rounder in the center, sculpting the most ideal nail shape with ultra plump volume. Each color contains light reflective brilliance, displaying maximum shine with real salon results that are gel strong for up to 14 days. This 70% semi-cured gel formula is flexible enough to your nail curve and requires a quick 45-second cure under the light of our LED mini lamp. Chip-proof and scratch-proof, our semi-cured gel nail strips make it easy for you to become your own pro-manicurist.