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Dashing Diva

About Us

In 2003, Dashing Diva was born to create the ultimate salon experience with hygiene at the forefront and made it an "instagrammable" moment before Instagram was even a thing. Over time, we wanted to bring the salon experience to you so we launched

Today, we make it fun and easy to get show stopping manicures at the comfort of your own home. With patented pressure sensitive adhesives and over a thousand designs to choose from, we combine innovation and style with the latest technologies in nail.

Our Philosophy

At Dashing Diva, we see nails as a canvas for self-expression and an opportunity to let your personality shine. And whether rocking a fabulous French or show-stopping Stilettos, all Divas choose to be uniquely themselves rather than conform to a standard.

These bold beauties are what inspired us to step out of the salon and into a whole new world: where the nail looks you create at home can make even your manicurist jealous. With inspiration and innovation, our mission is to create accessible, easy to use, at-home products that fuel creativity of nail enthusiasts and manicure mavens alike. 

And it's all powered by one purpose-empowering you to "Own your Diva" and wear it proudly from your fingers to your toes.

Our Story


CEO John SY Chang founded KMC Exim, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of artificial nails and nail products. 


The Dashing Diva brand was born to reinvent the salon experience. Its first nail salons made their debut.


Dashing Diva salons became an international franchise with over 20 locations across the globe.


Magic Press Launches in the US. We wanted to bring the salon experience to you so we launched with our 1 second gel manicure Magic Press.


GLOSS launches in the US.

Why polish when you can GLOSS? We come up with a better polish alternative.


Dashing Diva participates in Fashion Week, partnering with Christian Cowan as their official nail sponsor.


Dashing Diva expands the retail presence in the US.


GLOSS Color launches featuring over 50 shades of solid colors.


Glaze, a semi-cure gel revolution was created.

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