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The Glitter Edit: Our Top 10

The Glitter Edit: Our Top 10

If there’s one thing we can agree on when it comes to our nails, its that glitter is the look for a night out on the town.

Confidence can simply be achieved through any & every form of sparkles as their natural ability to light up a room does half of the work for you.

If you want to feel some powerfully glamourous energy, we’ve got ten of the most spectacular sets you can take inspiration from.

  1. Champagne Pop

For those who stick to a neutral nail but want to venture out into the glitter world. 

GLOSS EFFECTS: Clear gel nail strips featuring gradient champagne glitter.

  1. Meteor Shower

The three different types of glitter in this set go best with white, neutral, and blue-toned outfits – The mosaic pieces bring out the color of all of them!

GLOSS PALETTE: Opal, silver, and multicolor glitter gel nail strips with shattered glass accents.

  1. A Little Bling

Nail bling stickers are the finishing touch you didn’t know your mani needed. They're a perfect alternative for adding a sparkle to your mani if you already have your nails done!

EXPRESSIONS NAIL ART: Bronze rhinestones with reflective silver accents. 

  1. Golden Moment

You cannot forget your pedicure, especially if you opt for open-toed shoes. This one is perfect if your jewelry is gold - The smallest details are what make an unfinished look complete!

MAGIC PRESS PEDICURE: A golden glittered press-on gel pedicure featuring a white accent nail with gold geometric detailing.

  1. Tutti Frutti

If you think your outfit needs a pop of color but you just can’t seem to find the perfect accessory, we've (literally) got something in store for you. This icy hue of purple creates both a strong contrast against black and softens up against white. Unique enough to stand out yet neutral enough to go with any color you pair it with, this color really is what you make it out to be.

GLOSS EFFECTS: Icy, lavender glittered gel nail strips.

  1. Beachcombers

Draw the attention right to your shoes by stepping out in sparkles. Gorgeously compliments silver jewelry.

GLOSS PEDICURE: Clear gel pedicure nail strips featuring silver glitter & holographic shattered glass accents.

  1. Sweet Surrender

Cool-toned glam that’s neutral enough to go with any cool-toned outfit. The marbled negative space is a trend that’s on the rise, so why not start the new year one step ahead?  

MAGIC PRESS DESIGN: Transparent blue-grey press-on gel nails featuring clear, marbled accents and silver glitter. *One of our only two press-on sets offered in the gorgeous long length, square shape combo! 

  1. Pre-Show Glitters

Warm-toned glam that’s neutral enough to go with any warm-toned outfit. Milky nails with mosaic bling is a dream collaboration for those who keep up with the nail trends.  

MAGIC PRESS DESIGN: Milky white press-on gel nails featuring champagne glitter & mosaic accents. *The other one of our only two press-on sets offered in the gorgeous long length, square shape combo!

  1. Gold World

Gold glitter is the classic choice for a glitter nail - The luxurious luster of gold and festivity of glitter. Upgrade to innovation this new year with our semi-cured gold glittered manicure strips, offering a mega volume & maximum shine as professional as a true salon gel manicure. 

GLAZE COLOR STUDIO: Semi-cured, transparent gold glittered gel nailstrips.

  1. Riot Act

This milky white set has countless standout characteristics to make you sparkle like the city lights, its worthy of its own celebration! 

MAGIC PRESS DESIGN: Gradient, milky white press-on gel nails featuring iridescent glitter and silver jewels. 


Honorable Mentions… 

Satin White - GLAZE COLOR STUDIO: Semi-cured, metallic white gel nail strips. Perfect for monochromatic outfits – Ideally a satin one! 

Ice Velvet - MAGIC PRESS PREMIUM: A multidimensional velvet press-on gel manicure – Pair this with a velvet top, dress, or pants, and nobody will be able to touch your level of glamour. 

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