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Holiday 2021 Nail Calendar

Ever wish your nail appointments could be scheduled for you? Strategically timed out between each holiday so they’re party-perfect every time? Wish no more, diva - We’ve worked our mani magic this year.

We’ve done all the planning for you – with almost every holiday factor considered.

We’re giving you scheduled applications, removals, and bonus ‘rest days’ to give your nails a healing reset between each manicure.


Here’s how we planned your application.

We know that many of you will be hosting the holiday parties and cleaning your house, spending hours in the kitchen making your famous entrees, and/or standing in as the family hair & makeup artist. Assuming all this hands-on prep takes place within 24 hours of the holiday, each nail application is set to be at least two days prior.* Application 2+ days prior to the holiday allows optimal time for nails to fully set before cleaning products, cooking oils, or cosmetics can interrupt their adhesion.

*If you do not have an event on Christmas Eve, you may delay your application by one day.

Here’s how we planned your removal.

You may notice that you won’t get a full wear out of some applications, but you won’t even think twice about these compromised days when you see how beneficial the slotted rest days are. Good nail health and long-lasting manicures are nearly synonymous.


Here’s how to spend your break time.

These ‘rest days’ are the perfect opportunity to keep your nail health in check. Combat nail damage by giving your nail beds, cuticles, and hands some extra pampering.

Some notable products worth investing in:

-A Rich Nail Serum

-A Nourishing Cuticle Oil, or your oil of choice such as coconut, olive, or jojoba.

-A restorative hand lotion

Here’s exactly how to follow the nail calendar.

Magic Press users will need 5 sets total to keep perfectly manicured throughout the holidays, while Glaze & Gloss users will need 3. Start by adding the sets to your cart, then add on any nail care products you may need (ex. nail serum or cuticle oil). If you are a first time Glaze user, don’t forget to add on your free LED mini lamp with code FREELAMP at checkout!

Glaze users follow the blue, Gloss users follow the green, and Magic Press users follow the purple. Blank days between a Removal and an Application are your nail ‘rest days’ – Use these to your advantage to restore your nail health!

The moon icon symbolizes a nighttime application – Giving yourself a manicure right before bed is a foolproof way to prevent external factors from tampering with the adhesive - As a bonus, it’s a great way to unwind from the day and pamper yourself to sleep.

We’ve sprinkled our pro tips throughout the calendar in hot pink boxes, so be sure not to skip over these!

Here’s how to show off your mani magic.

Take a picture of your holiday mani(s) and tag @dashingdiva_usa for a chance to be featured on our social platforms!

This isn’t a time to stress, it’s a time to shine, so leave your nail worries with us! May your holidays be magical and your nails forever glamorous.


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