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DD Edit: Spring Birthstone Mani Pedis

Spring Birthstones

Calling all Spring babies! Are you in search of a personalized birthday gift or the perfect birthday month mani (or pedi) for yourself? Select from our curation of birthstone nails - from diamonds to emeralds to rubies, we've got a number of styles to match each precious stone.


March: Aquamarine

This captivating shade of clear blue crystal is also known for its calming and stress reducing properties - and it's easy to see why! Feel at ease each time you glance down at your nails with these dynamic crystalline styles.

Dashing Diva GLAZE Birthday Cake baby blue iridescent semi-cured gel nail strips.

Pictured: Birthday Cake GLAZE Art Studio. 


Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Premium Blue Velvet medium oval press on gel nails with cat-eye, velvet particle effect.

Pictured: Mint Velvet MAGIC PRESS Premium medium oval gel nails.


Dashing Diva GLOSS Nuclear Nova baby blue gel nail strips with mosaic, shattered glass, and glitter accents.
Pictured: Nuclear Nova GLOSS Palette.
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April: Diamond

Balance your energies and promote clarity from within with shades and designs inspired by the diamond, April's iconic birthstone.


Dashing Diva GLAZE Pedicure White Stellar white semi-cured gel pedi with glam jewel accents.

Pictured: White Stellar GLAZE Pedicure semi-cured gel strips.

Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Cocktail Bling long coffin french press on gel nails with glam jewel accents.

Pictured: J.Lo inspired Cocktail Bling MAGIC PRESS Premium press-on gel nails.


Dashing Diva nailbliss Bad & Bougie long, stiletto neutral ombre glue on gel nails with ombre gold glitter & full silver glitter accents.

Pictured: Bad & Bougie nailbliss glue-on gel nails.

Dashing Diva GLOSS Pedicure Beachcombers white gel pedi strips with shattered glass and silver cuticle line details.

Pictured: Beachcombers GLOSS Pedicure gel nail pedicure strips.


May: Emerald

The emerald has long been revered for its brilliance and vibrant beauty. It symbolizes rebirth and renewal and is known to bring youth, fortune, and foresight to those who wear it. Channel the incredible renewing powers of emerald with shades and designs inspired by May's famous birthstone.


Dashing Diva GLAZE Matcha Dream light green semi cured gel nail strips with shattered glass accents.

Pictured: Matcha Dream GLAZE Art Studio semi-cured gel nail strips.



Dashing Diva GLOSS Ivy Opal emerald green gel nail strips with marble and glitter accents.

Pictured: Ivy Opal GLOSS Palette.


Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Caribbean Holiday medium, square white and green press on gel nails with tropical palm leaf and gold glitter accents.

Pictured: Caribbean Holiday MAGIC PRESS press-on gel nails.

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