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EDUCATION: How to Upkeep, Refresh, and Reuse Magic Press

EDUCATION: How to Upkeep, Refresh, and Reuse Magic Press

Your nails are pressed on. They look perfect. Now what? There's so much more to the wear of a press-on manicure than successfully making it past the application process. Not to say that wearing press-ons is hard work, you just have to understand that their adhesive is not super glue. When you commit to a press-on mani, commit to being more graceful with your nails!


It just takes a few simple lifestyle adjustments to keep your press-ons from popping off early..

- Get in the habit of using your fingertips rather than your nails when typing on a keyboard, using a calculator, or entering your PIN at checkout.

- Use gloves while cleaning. Chemicals will work their way under your mani and deteriorate the adhesive much quicker than you think! Many soaps are oil based, so if you're spending some time scrubbing dishes, cover up!

Don't use your nails to open or peel things. Your nails are not a tool! We promise there are other ways to do what you need to get done.

- Be extra careful when putting your shoes on. We know its a force of habit to slip sneakers on and go, but take the extra minute to untie your laces and put them on properly. There's a chance you might pop your pointer finger nail off when you're holding space between the back of your shoe and your foot as you slip them on. If you must hold that space at the heel (say you're putting on closed-toe pumps), try holding the sides and slowly putting your foot into them.

*Your nails are just as important of an accessory as your shoes - You'll be delaying yourself even more if you lose a nail and have to fix it before leaving the house!

Pictured: MAGIC PRESS DESIGN Slow and Steady
Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Slow and Steady medium, square neutral and white press on gel nails with tortoise shell accent nails.


Similar to an acrylic manicure, you may notice the shape of your press-ons rounding out throughout wear. For best results and 7-days of perfectly crisp nails, we suggest you touch them up with your nail file everyday to every other day. Square is the easiest shape to upkeep due to the softness of their rounded square edges. While coffin and stiletto are a little more advanced, you can really carve out their edges and accentuate their shape with some additional filing.

DIVA TIP: Prior to application, file the cuticle line of the press-on to match the curve of your cuticle for the most natural looking final look.

Pictured: MAGIC PRESS SOLID COLOR Sands of Time
Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Sands of Time medium, square neutral matte press on gel nails.


If taken care of properly throughout wear, your press-ons will be in good enough condition to wear again! 

Stay far away from acetone. Choose oil and warm water for safe removal. You don't want to sacrifice the condition of the nail with harsh chemicals! Any oil could work, such as coconut oil or olive oil, or you could opt for a cuticle oil that has a blend of oils and directly targets specific concerns. 

Buff the adhesive off the back of the press-on, or use the wooden stick that comes in your Magic Press set to peel away at it.

Reshape nails with a nail file prior to re-application.

Reuse nails as glue-ons! The thicker the nail glue, the longer wearing the mani. Opt for a gel adhesive, which is much tackier than traditional nail glue, similar to the thick adhesive of a press-on.

DIVA TIP: Save any leftover nails to create custom nail looks as you mix & match with future sets.

Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Ginger Snap short, square neutral ginger matte press on gel nails
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