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DD Edit: Winter Birthstone Manis

Winter Birthstones

Calling all Winter babies! Are you in search of a personalized birthday gift or the perfect birthday month mani for yourself? Select from our curation of birthstone nails - from diamonds to emeralds to rubies, we've got a number of manicure styles to match each precious stone.


December: Turquoise

This cheerful and earthy stone can be worn for protection, and promotes a sense of calm and overall positive energy. Ranging from vivid baby blue to deep shades of blue-green, these nails are sure to keep you bright and cheery during the Winter months.


Dashing Diva GLAZE Art Premier Prisma Trance semi cured gel nail strips.

Pictured: Prisma Trance GLAZE Art Premium semi-cured gel nails.

January: Garnet

Revitalize your minds and spirits with shades of Garnet, January's fiery birthstone. These bold and passionate shades are sure to ignite your inner fire. 


Dashing Diva GLAZE Art Studio Crimson Smoke semi cured gel nail strips.

Pictured: GLAZE semi-cured gel strips in style Crimson Smoke

Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Fair Red matte red press on gel nails.

Pictured: Fair Red MAGIC PRESS Solid Color.

Dashing Diva GLOSS Color Red Velvet classic red gel nail strips.

Pictured: Red Velvet GLOSS Color.

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February: Amethyst

Varying from delicate shades of lavender to deep shades of violet, the amethyst crystal is known to promote feelings of balance, calm, and tranquility. Emulate these qualities from your fingertips with these deep purple shades.


Dashing Diva GLAZE Art Studio Love Potion deep plum semi cured gel nail strips with shimmer finish.

Pictured: Love Potion GLAZE Art Studio.

Dashing Diva MAGIC PRESS Concord Grape short, square deep purple press on gel nails.

Pictured: Concord Grape MAGIC PRESS Solid Color.


Dashing Diva GLOSS Alpine Retreat dusty purple floral gel nail strips.

Pictured: Alpine Retreat GLOSS Palette.

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