Scottish Nights


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As if this rich emerald base wasn't enough, we gave you green and gold tartan, silver glitter AND marble effects outlined in a silvery gold.

Length of Wear: Up to 14 days
  • Quick Application
  • Gel Shine
  • No Light Needed
  • Chip Resistant


  • Ultra gel shine
  • No UV dry time
  • No soak off removal
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Chip resistant
  • Wrinkle free
  • Strips do not dry out


  • 34 Nail strips in 11 sizes
  • Mini nail file

Commitment-free gel mani

Simply prep, size, apply, press, and file for commitment-free results!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love these

These are no exaggeration the first thing I have tried on my nails that didn’t chip after 2 days. Even my gel manicure only made it 4. I don’t like acrylic or any sort of tips so I had given up hope. These are beautiful and easy to apply and the best part is they really last as long as they say without chipping. They have a beautiful shine and don’t need a top coat but the ends came up a little for me when I was washing dishes so one layer of a top coat solved that problem and it was still easy to remove. The top coat also seals the jewels in place and gives it a professional finish.

Gorgeous and long lasting!!

LADIES PLEASE LISTEN: these gel nail strips are the best thing ever!!! Greatest new beauty product of the last ten years. No lie. They are like stickers, are easy to apply, look awesome for 2 WEEKS!! But it's like a gel manicure...your nails are growing out so you have to change them...they don't come off until YOU WANT THEM TO!!! I'm a teacher and even with TONS of hand washing, they looked amazing until I took them off with a cuticle stick and they came off SO EASILY...just as it promised in the directions!! All of the moms at school were asking me, "where do you get your nails done?! They look amazing!"

And Dashing Diva: I'm telling EVERY single ONE of them to buy your gel nail strips!!

If you're reading this, you obviously like to have your nails looking good. I do, but I can't always afford a gel manicure...These are more than worth it for $9. And this color, as well as the other colors I was able to go back and get (they were just a 'promotional item' in my local Sally's Beauty) is beautiful...brownish peach, with a touch of sparkle at the nail bed, and stylish accent nails! I hope this company makes MILLIONS with this product: for nine bucks you have a fashionable gel manicure with artful accent nails (IF you want them; there are enough strips to use the accent nails or just use one or go without), plus they're easy to put on, last forever and are easy to take off...WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT??

Love it

I bought my set in store. Super soft sheer easy to use lasted well over 10 days no chips no fading . Compared to the other brands this is my favorite. I've tried many gel strips .

Extremely satisfied

I bought these at a Sally Beauty supply. I have very weak dry brittle nails and am always looking for other options. These by far have lasted longer than any other nail strips/decals that I have used in the past. Fun design and a great assortment of sizes.


They looked amazing on me! They were so easy to put on. Can't wait to order new ones.

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