Easy Soak Off Kit


Easy Soak Off Kit
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Removing your artificial nails or gel polish doesn't have to be a tedious, painful drag. With the Easy Soak Off Kit, removing nails or polish is easy.

Simply soak the foam pad in acetone, place over nail and insert into the leak-free cap. Removal is more gentle with this kit and the cap reduces the unpleasant odor of acetone. Plus, these caps include a large thumb size for a comfortable fit.

Caps will not pinch your fingers, and even have a touchscreen finger cap so you can surf the Internet or text while soaking your nails.

They work for removing glitter polish too! A do-it-yourself, salon-perfect manicure is easy to do from the comfort of your home with Dashing Diva nail tools and treatments.

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Easy Soak Off Kit

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