Frequently Asked Questions - Strong & Beautiful

I just got my gel polish and it seems watery. Is it okay to use?

Absolutely! Sometimes when gel polish is sitting for a certain period of time, the formula tends to separate like oil and water. All you have to do is just shake very well before use and it should be good to go!

I applied S&B only a few days ago but why is it already starting to lift?

The most important thing when using S&B is prep. Any excess oil on your nail can cause lifting of the gel formula. So before application make sure to REALLY wipe down your nails with alcohol to remove any access oil and refrain from using any lotions, cuticle oil or cosmetics that contain oils before use.

What can I do to ensure that my gel manicure lasts as long as possible?

Just like any regular manicure, aftercare is important to make sure your S&B manicure stays on. When doing housework and dishes, make sure to use gloves or be careful especially after first few days.

How do I apply S&B?

After properly cleansing your nail, make sure to apply a very thin coat to your nails then cure. Since it is gel, there is no need to cure your nails one by one. Only one coat is required but if you want more color showing through, you can apply second coat.

What are the other ways I can use S&B?

S&B can be used on its own as a nail strengthening product or it can be used as a strong base for any other gel or regular polish.

What is the difference between S&B and all the other “nail strengthening” products out there?

The main difference is that most strengthening or nail care products out there dissipate once you apply them on your nails and need re-application. Because S&B is a gel, there is no need for reapplication. You apply one coat once then let your nails naturally grow out while protecting it from breakage.