Frequently Asked Questions - Magic Press

How long does Magic Press stay on?

Magic Press typically stays on for about 5-7 days depending on the lifestyle of the wearer and the natural oiliness of her nails.

What does that mean?

If someone does a lot of housework(dishes, cleaning), is constantly in contact with water (hairdresser, swimming, etc), uses a lot of cosmetics with oils, that can affect the longevity of Magic Press wear.

Why does that matter?

Any contact with oil can affect the strength of the adhesive.

So will it come off when I wash my hair or wash my hands?

Magic Press stays on when you wash your hair, hands, face or go swimming but it is recommended not to for the first hour or so after application so that you can get maximum wear out of your nails. The first few minutes right after application is when the adhesive can be “activated” by pressing as long as possible on your nails since they are pressure sensitive.

What is “pressure sensitive adhesion”?

It’s a proprietary technology used only on Magic Press products. Basically, it means : the more you press, the longer it will stay on and the stronger it will hold.

Why is there a plastic cover on each nail tip?

It’s there to protect the adhesive! Magic Press uses an adhesive film which, unlike glue, does not congeal over time, and the plastic cover is applied on top of that so it remains fresh.

How do I remove them?

Magic Press usually comes off on their own after 5-7 days but if you want them off sooner, just take some cuticle oil with a wood pusher and slowly peel them off starting from your cuticles.

Will it damage my own nails?

No, it is not damaging since you are not gluing them on or removing them with any harsh chemicals.