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S&B Polish - Sheer Genius


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Sheer Genius is the slightly bolder sister of our Petal Pusher when that natural shine isn’t enough and you just want a little extra color.

Use with an LED Light or our Strong & Beautiful Starter Kit.

Length of Wear: Up to 14 days
  • Healthy Ingredient
  • Gel Shine
  • Quick Application
  • Promotes Nail Growth


  • Exclusive Calcium and Keratin formula
  • Promotes nail strength and growth
  • Protects and nourishes weak or damaged nails
  • One coat coverage
  • Gel shine and color
  • No nail damage
  • Cure with LED light
  • Dries in 60 seconds
  • Fast and easy removal


  • 7 ml / 0.25 fl. oz. Nail Growth Gel

One coat care for healthier nails

Color, cure, and grow with one coat care for healthier nails!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
All I have to say is....WOW!

This product is too good to be true! My nails were weak and damaged especially after removing my acrylic nails (I had them on for years!!). I decided to give this product a shot and all I can say is the results are unreal. I'm not one to leave reviews, but I truly am such a huge fan of this product!! For anyone contemplating buying this - BUY IT! You'll be as happy as I am :)

Does not work for me

I have very brittle nails. I can’t afford salons anymore so I thought this kit would help strengthen and grow my nails. It did neither I am in the healthcare field so I am always washing my hands or either wearing gloves. The product is always peeling of and never lasts more than a day or two on my nails. Total waste of money.

Polish is extra thick

Directions say put on a light coat however the polish is super thick.

Hi Danielle! Thanks for trying out our S&B kit! Could I suggest shaking the bottle before application? That seems to help considerably when the liquid seems a bit too thick!

Thank you dashing diva, I finally have nails I am not embarrassed about. The are strong and longer. Thank you again .

Works as advertised, actually isn't difficult to take off.

I bought the item after a couple of friends kept badgering me to try them on. I'm familiar with the brand since I frequented the salons but didn't know they sold items separately.

Because of work I couldn't go crazy with my nails, but these looked super natural (super natural? Just very natural, is what I'm saying.) I tried Petal Pusher, which comes with the starter kit, but I think I'm going to try Creamy Delight next time, which seems like a more muted tone.

Unlike other gels, it was actually pretty easy to take off. About two weeks later, after my nails grew out, they started chipping at the edges so I just started scraping them off. It would have been easier soaking them in a remover but I was feeling lazy. It might have to do with the calcium in the formula, but what do I know? I aint no chemist.

Anyway, it did what I thought it would, so recommend.

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