Magic Press

The Original


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If you're a french manciure kind of girl then try your favorite classic on your toes (but with an added sparkle of course)

Length of Wear: Up to 7 days
  • Quick Application
  • Gel Shine
  • No Light Needed
  • Waterproof


  • Instant gel color and shine
  • No glue means no nail damage
  • Super thin and flexible for comfortable wear
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Customizable length
  • Chip resistant
  • Waterproof


  • 30 Gel nails in 12 sizes
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Mini nail file
  • Manicure stick

One second gel manicure

Simply size, prep, peel, and press for a one second gel manicure!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
They fall off!

These looked great when I first applied them. Very pretty and shiny. I was really pleased with the look until they started falling off one after another a few HOURS later. I followed the instructions in the video to the letter. I even waited multiple hours to do anything with water but the moment I washed my hands after that wait, that was the end. I put these on for Valentine's Day and 6 had come off before I could leave the house. With no time to attempt to replace them, I had to pull the rest off in the car on the way to my date. Needless to say, I'm VERY unhappy with this and will be requesting a refund.

I love these nails!!

First time trying these nails, I've been wearing imPress for quite awhile. These are just as nice, and if too long or want to change the shape, my trusty Dremel takes care of it in a jiffy! The rainbow nails are going to be perfect for our local Pride Parade this year. Only complaint is that the toenails get sold out so quickly! I never thought I'd be wearing press-on toenails, but they're so cute and much cheaper than getting them done at the salon! MORE TOENAILS, PLEASE!!

Good in theory

These nails are great in theory. They are well constructed but this set in particular are see through so you can see the pattern of the adhesive through the top of the nails when they’re on your finger.

They are also very very long and not super practical. Impress PressOn Nails are much better in terms of length and price. I’ve been wearing a new set a week for months now and never had a problem.

I’m returning these.

Hi Ally! Thank you so much for trying out Magic Press! When it comes to the length of our nail tips, we gathered the information from many different nails types and decided to keep the base length a little longer on these so that customers can customize the length with clippers or files! This freedom something we wanted to consider when improving on 'Impress Press On Nails', which are in fact manufactured in our own factory, as well!

If you havn't tried these Magic Press toes, do yourself a favor and buy a stack of them. They save so much time and money. I used to spend 35 bucks on my pedicure all the time and even after drying my polish for an hour, I still somehow manage to ruin them or they get chipped. These press ons take seconds to apply and they lasted me more than a full week!!! not to mention no drying time or chipping. I will be getting a whole bunch of them for me and friends when we go away to our friend's bachelorette party.


ok first of all, these look SOO much better in person. Everytime i wore sandals I kept getting complimented on my toes. No one could even tell they wre press ons! They lasted about a week for me and are incredibly comfortable! Will definitely be repurchasing in other colors.

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